Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Sunrise, Seascape, Clouds, Docks, PiersThis is an image I made yesterday morning about 30 minutes before sunrise. It was dark…of course…and the wind was really howling. There was a front making it’s way through Rockport from the southeast. With the help of some moonlight, I was able to see the clouds over the horizon really zipping by.

Since the clouds were moving so fast, and the waves were running, I decided to do a single long exposure to make the image. Since the piers were stationary, I could have them as sharp as possible. The long exposure smoothed out the bay and really celebrated the fast-moving clouds.

I made this image with a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 17-40mm lens at 34mm. I shot it at 25 seconds at f/16 with an ISO of 1600. Let me know what you think…SEF





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Blue Crabs

Stephen Fisher Photography, Whooping Cranes, Blue CrabsAfter posting an image of a juvenile Whooping Crane yesterday, I received a note from a friend about the local Blue Crab status..

Whooping Cranes LOVE Blue Crabs! It’s their primary winter food source here in Coastal Texas. Here’s an article that explains that important relationship…

My friend informed me that the Blue Crab population is at a record high due to the rain we’ve been getting. If the bay and estuary salinity gets too high, the crabs don’t reproduce.

We should see some well-fed Whooping Cranes this season…







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Stephen Fisher Photography, Whooping Crane, Juvenile Whooping Crane, Migration, Rockport TX, This is an image of a juvenile Whooping Crane that I made last year. I was on Kevin and Lori Sims’ boat…The Jack Flash. Their Aransas Bay Birding Charters is without a doubt the VERY best way to see these cranes.

This bird hatched sometime in mid-2013 at the Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Canada. It made the long flight down to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge with his/her parents in late October or early November 2013.

I wanted to show the very distinctive coloring on these juveniles. Over the winter, they gradually lose the rusty tan coloring. By early April they look just like their parents.

Many of the adults have radio transmitters and bands attached to their legs. It’s about the only way to identify the individual cranes. The juveniles don’t have any of these instruments, so it’s virtually impossible to individually identify them.

So…Did this bird survive a winter in Texas?  Did he/she make it ALL of the way back up to their nesting grounds in Canada? Will he/she make it back down to Texas this winter?

We’ll never know the answers to these questions. If it did survive…and I’d like to think it did…it might show up this year with tracking apparatus and bands attached to his/her leg.  After that, it’s going to be pretty easy to answer these questions…







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Stephen Fisher Photography, Sunrise, Landscape, Rockport TXEveryone knows how I joke about preferring to live in Rockport over Houston. Well guess what…It’s NO joke!

Houston is a GREAT place to live! I’ve enjoyed living and working here for years. Sharon and I have an “almost Century” home in the historical Heights area of Houston. If you’re going to live in Houston…and want to be close in to EVERYTHING…the Heights is the place to be. Sharon has lived in this 90 year old house for almost 25 years! She also has a VERY good job here in Houston…

The real estate market here in the Heights is on fire! Many of the old 1920’s bungalows have been torn down and replaced with new homes that still retain the Heights’ character. We want to make sure that we don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize what we can make on this house while this real estate boom continues. We have a realtor stopping by this evening to discuss what we need to do in order to put it on the market.

Did I mention Sharon has a VERY good job here in Houston? Sharon really enjoys her position with a Fortune 500 medical device company…and she’s VERY good at what she does! Well.. She recently met with her employer, and they were kind enough to agree for her to commute from Rockport every week. This is the break we’ve been waiting for…



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Stephen Fisher Photography, West Texas, Sunset, Windmill, Landscape, I’m not sure what’s going on with me! I’m finding myself reviewing some of my older images looking for something…but nothing in particular.

A lot of times I go back looking for a specific image to see if I might be able to coax a little more from the RAW file. I’d like to think my editing skills are gradually improving…maybe allowing me to try a different developmental path. But thats NOT what I’ve been doing the last few days.

In an insecure way, I believe that I’m looking for personal validation that my art is moving in the right direction. Right direction? I’m not even sure I know what that means!

In my head, I’m still blown away that my life has taken this course. I was a business guy.  Make the plan…execute the plan! If anything, I should be hard wired to shoot ONLY black & white!

In my heart, I feel this IS now me. It’s the me I wish I could have let loose years ago. Just having these feelings violates a code I’ve followed all my life…Never Look Back! Well…I was wrong…

It’s good to look back. It’s good to learn from both your past successes and failures.. It’s good to see where you’ve been…and where you’re going….






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Rockport In The Dark

Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Sunrise, Harbor, Night photographyI’m an early riser! Always have been…and see no reason to change. As a matter of fact, it’s a real benefit for my photography…

I shoot a lot of scapes…mostly sunrises. I try to plan to be on scene at least 45 minutes before dawn. Once the sun gets above the horizon, I’m usually packing my gear and thinking about a good cup of coffee.

I recently read an article about shooting at night, using only the ambient light. This interested me, so I’ve started arriving on scene REAL early.  Sometimes I just shoot a 20 or 30 second exposure, and sometimes I do a 3 bracket long exposure. I take the 3 images out of Lightroom and use Nik HDR  Efex Pro to generate an HDR image.

This is an image of the Rockport Aquarium taken from the fishing pier. I made the 3 bracketed exposures at 6:42 am yesterday morning.  I like the feel of this image…







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Catching My Breath

Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Water Street, Piers, Water, Sunrise, LandscapeSeptember is turning out to be a crazy busy month!

We’ve had a bunch of guests at the Texas Photo Ranch this month. It’s been a LOT of fun helping photographers of ALL skill levels during their visit. Many…actually most…had never shot birds and mammals from a pit blind. It’s a wonderful experience and I’m glad we got to help out…

I also had the pleasure of doing a couple of presentations during the HummerFest Celebration here in Rockport. It was a lot of fun for me seeing new friends, old friends, and FINALLY meeting some Facebook friends.

As usual, I woke early this morning and went out looking for something to shoot. I thought I’d change things up this morning and shoot back to Water Street in Rockport from the new fishing pier. I hope you like it…







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Sunrise, Aransas Bay, Rockport TX, Stephen Fisher Photography, Fog, PiersLandscapes…Seascapes…any kind of ‘scape! I love it…

I’m finding my photography moving in a different direction. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE shooting birds…and will always do so. But lately, I’m enjoying my pre-dawn trek to some awesome spot and waiting for some light to appear on the eastern horizon.

Sometimes I don’t even care if the sun doesn’t show up. I think theres an intrinsic beauty to the fog and ominous clouds. They have a depth and texture that I’m trying to represent in my images.

Shooting ‘scapes is SO different than making images of birds. Different camera body…different lenses…different EVERYTHING! The patience thing is still in play…but in a strange way. Waiting in a photo blind for birds to fly into the scene requires real patience. Sometimes the birds come in…sometimes they don’t!

The eastern sky ALWAYS gets lighter before sun up. Sometimes you can SEE the sun…sometimes you don’t. But theres always some scene to shoot. Like avian photography, “it” happens fast. The “magic” of a sunrise or sunset can last only a brief moment.

Be ready or you’ll miss it!







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Gulf Coast 2014

The-Look-Back, Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Rockport Beach Park, Sunrise, Piers, Dark CloudsWell today is the day! I’ll be delivering The look Back to the Rockport Center for the Arts to show in the Gulf Coast 2014 exhibit. I’m very flattered to have this image juried into this show.

I had Ron Brant print The Look Back  on canvas at 30 x 60…the largest I’ve ever had one of my images printed!  I made a sturdy frame and stretched the canvas myself. I love image BIG…

This exhibit runs from September 13 to October 11. If you’re in Rockport please come by the Center for the Arts and take a look at the exhibit.







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Good Morning…Good Morning…Good Morning!

Stephen Fisher Photography, Sunrise, Landscape, Texas Photo Ranch, Refugio TX, FogI’m really enjoying shooting ‘scapes…Landscapes, Seascapes…any ‘scape!

Shooting ‘scapes is almost the exact opposite of how I shoot birds.  Fast shutter speed and a narrow depth of field are critical for me to make bird images. I want the bird’s moving wings to be  frozen with a fast shutter speed. I also want the entire bird to be in focus, so depth of field is critical. DOF also allows me to have those “creamy out of focus ” backgrounds. I use relatively high ISO (often over 1000) to get the speed I need.

I do a lot of things differently when I shooting ‘scapes. I use much longer shutter speeds and stop down the aperture. Often I’ll do a 3 or 5 bracketed exposures and bring those images into Nik  HDR Efex Pro for processing. I use polarizing filters and ND filters to get the exact look I’m wanting for the shot. Mirror lock-up is always on and I use a trigger to activate the shutter. Regardless of what I’m shooting, I ALWAYS use a tripod!

This is an image of a glorious morning at the Texas Photo Ranch. Everything worked out for me that morning!







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