The Plan

Stephen Fisher Photography, Northern Cardinal, Red Bird, While this isn’t REALLY about my photography…it’s ALL about my photography!

Readers know that we are in the process of making a full-time move down to Rockport, TX. Sharon and I have had a little house in South Rockport for years…and I spend MOST of my time there. This house is a block off Water Street. It’s where I shoot…it’s near the Texas Photo Ranch where I have competed in the last two Wildlife In Focus Photo Contests…and it’s where I’m the happiest. It’s also near the galleries where I sell my art.

A gating issue in this move is selling a home in the Houston Heights. This 90+ year old home has just finished a year-long MAJOR renovation…foundation leveled, new windows, new interior lighting, new landscaping, kitchen and baths remodeled, and fresh paint inside and out. It looks great!

Yesterday I had all of the stuff that wasn’t going to make the move taken away. We were planning on having a garage sale, but the time and energy just wasn’t there. So now we’re just down to taking all of the boxes here in the house to the garage. I’ll have them taken to our storage unit shortly. Since this move is an interim move (more on this another time!), we’ll leave a lot of stuff here in storage.

Long story short…this house should be listed for sale at the latest next weekend! The Heights is a HOT market, and I expect some one new to fall in love with this house fast.

OK…It looks like a weekend of non-photographic work for me this weekend. I plan to be back on the ranch by mid-week and get back into shooting mode…





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Stephen Fisher Photography, Texas Photo Ranch, Green Jays, Yesterday was a BIG day for me. I’ve actually started to rework the Stephen Fisher Photography website.

I’ve never been happy with the “gallery” piece of the site. It’s just not the way I want to showcase my art. So…I’ve decided to go back to SmugMug and create a customized photography gallery. I’ll continue to use WordPress for the blog piece. It’s intuitive and does work for me. And the good thing is that these two programs will all integrate into a cohesive site.

Ok…So I’m busy at it! It’ll take me a week or so to get this worked out. I’ll let you know when I flip the switch…






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Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Bait Shops, Marinas, Sunrise

Mom’s Bait Shop

Many of the most photographed iconic landmarks in and around Rockport, TX are the bait stands. And since Rockport is both a commercial and recreational fishing hot spot…there are a LOT of them!

One of the favorites is Mom’s Bait Shop at the Rockport Marina. It’s been photographed probably more than any other place in town. EVERY tourist who comes to Rockport takes a photo at Mom’s. EVERY professional photographer that comes to Rockport does the same.

This is my stylized version of Mom’s Bait Shop. It’s pretty hard to come up with something unique when literally thousands and thousands of photographs were made from this same spot. I decided to put a somewhat “warped perspective” on the scene.I was looking for depth in the scene, so I positioned myself to have the leading lines of the boat and Mom’s lead the viewer back into the pre-dawn sky. I hope it works for you…






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Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Water Street, Aransas Bay, Sunrise

East of Water Street

I’m going to be up here in Houston most of this week. The weather continues to be a little too dynamic around the Texas Photo Ranch for photography, so I’ll take care of some personal business up here.

This old house in the Houston Heights is starting to look great! The exterior has been painted and the landscape freshened up. The interior is almost finished being painted. We are close to getting this place listed…

Sharon and I spent three or four hours yesterday in the garage. It’s still a mess, but a somewhat more organized mess. She has sold a lot of our stuff recently. We inventoried everything, and what we didn’t want to move to Rockport is gone. I’m heading over to our storage unit today and will bring a bunch of stuff back here to the house. We’ll have a garage sale maybe next weekend and then this old house goes on the market.

Sorry to bore everyone to death with this, but it’s whats happening in my life. I’m really looking forward to literally moving on. My photography and our hearts are in Rockport. Soon…







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Latitude 28 02

Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport TX, Marinas, Boats, Night

The Safe Harbor

It feels so good to have the luxury to focus on my art again. I’m glad to feel that way because I have a LOT of positive things going on!

My gallery sales have been so good lately…and I’m very thankful. I waited a long time to get into Latitude 28 02 in Rockport. It’s where I wanted my art to hang along side some of the finest “coastal art” artists anywhere. Latitudes is one of the premier fine dining restaurants in Rockport. One of the things that makes it so unique…besides the great food and service…is the art gallery. Patrons can view the art from their tables as they dine. After dinner, many stroll through the restaurant enjoying the art.

Well…I love seeing my art there! Rockport is where I live and work…and now it’s my hometown. If you come to Rockport to visit, I hope you’ll go to Latitude 28 02 and enjoy a good meal and see some fine coastal art.




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Big Exhale

Stephen Fisher Photography, Northern Cardinal, Texas Photo RanchOK…One down and several more “projects” to go! But at least the “biggie” for me is in the mail…

I’ve been dealing with “a three letter Federal agency that starts with an I” for almost three months now. I finished up my response late yesterday…and it’s been placed in the care of FedEx for delivery. I was old before this started, but this has caused me to seemingly age exponentially. Now that THATS over, I can get back to the things that make me happy! Good riddance…

Last night I took some time to review my to-date Wildlife In Focus portfolio. Even with the limited number of shooting days because of the rain, I’m pretty pleased with what I have. Actually…pleasantly surprised! I have a long way to go…actually 2 more months…so I’m hoping to be able to pull together 100 images that the judges MIGHT like. You just never know what that is…

More later…









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More Weather

Stephen Fisher Photography, Northern Cardinal, Texas Photo RanchOK…It looks like we’re in for a run of rainy weather again here on the Coastal Bend. That’s kind of alright with me right now…

I’m close to finishing up a BIG non-photography personal project that has had me preoccupied for way too long. I plan to give it ALL of my attention today, and hopefully I can move on.

I think I’ll head up to Houston in the morning. Sharon has been managing the Houston house painting project mostly on her own. The painters should be finishing up the interior in a day or two. I hope to have it on the market in a week or so. We’ll see…

I was able to get several very productive days in at the Texas Photo Ranch this week. The wildlife activity out there is really impressive. I’ve been seeing increased bird numbers every day. Even the Green Jays have started to move out of the deeply forested areas of the ranch and are visiting the blinds. All in all, the contest is going fine for me…

I’m posting this handsome male Northern Cardinal for several reasons. Here’s what I like…and a thing or two I don’t;


  1. I really like the pose this bird offered.
  2. The diagonal element of his tail feathers and body running from lower left to upper right of the image is pleasing to my eye.
  3. This background works for me.
  4. But…the perch is WAY out of scale for this bird. It wasn’t my primary perch, but of course thats where they’ll go!
  5. I struggled (not very long with that perch) on managing the highly saturated reds here. Cardinals can be hard to color correct.

So thats my critique of this photo. Nice image, but it stops here…





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Big Day

Stephen Fisher Photography, Green Jay, Texas Photo RanchYesterday was a big day for me at the Texas Photo Ranch!

I was on the ranch early hoping to catch a decent sunrise. It just didn’t happen. The morning started overcast and foggy, and stayed pretty cloudy most of the day. I drove the ranch until mid-morning photographing wildflowers. Yes…wildflowers are a contest category…

At about 9:30 AM I set up in the Cactus Blind. It was one of those “birds all over the place” kind of day. At 2:00 PM I left the blind with over 3200 images! I’ve made a “first pass” cull of them and have over a 1000 images left for more review.

This handsome Green Jay won’t survive the next cut for several reasons;


  1. I have MUCH better Green Jays images from yesterday!
  2. I’m just not crazy with the tail feathers being covered with the leaves.
  3. My perch had dried out a bit and the colors just didn’t pop.
  4. A couple of bright spots in the background bother me.

Other than that, I think this is a pretty good example of a Green Jay. They are beautiful birds…with a REAL attitude! They’re always pretty cautious, and don’t stay on the perch too long. On of my favorite species…




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Back At It

Stephen Fisher Photography, Red-Winged Blackbird, Texas Photo RanchOK…I’m back in to win it!

All of the rainy weather issues seem over and the sun actually shines some days. There’s enough light to TRY and make some contest-quality images. I’m finally able to get back to work…

Mother Nature is also contributing by having the birds starting to get very active. I’m not seeing EVERY species at the Texas Photo Ranch yet, but it’s definitely getting better every day. Even the Green Jays are starting to come out of the deep woods and visiting the blinds!

I was worried there for a while. Not any more…





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More Rain

Stephen Fisher Photography, Texas Photo Ranch, Sunrise, LandscapeOK…So when is enough…enough? I woke this morning to a familiar sound lately. It’s raining here again…hard! Having said that, I’m not going back on my promise to NEVER complain about rain again. Years of drought conditions have left Texas still needing more of the stuff…

I made the most of the “free time” I had yesterday because of the weather to get caught up on some studio and personal projects. I’m in the process of building a bunch of new 11×14 matted prints to take to the galleries. I send my files to Miller’s Lab and have them make the 8×10 prints. Next I hinge mount them to an 11×14 mat and place foam core on the back. They get hand signed and named on the front bottom of  the mat. Then I drop it in a clear plastic sleeve. It’s a pretty labor intensive process. I even spent some time in the studio getting organized and catching up on correspondence.

Since it looks like this morning is a wash out, I think I’ll give all my gear a good cleaning.  My gear gets used…and used hard. It seems like everything always has a coating of dust on it. And maybe if I get REAL energetic this morning I’ll organize the back of my Jeep. It got washed yesterday…went from brown back to black! We’ll see what happens…




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