More Big Bend

_H8A9729_HDRThis  will be my last post on my recent trip out to Big Bend National Park. I’ve finally worked my way through all of the images I made there, and have found two more I’d like to share.

_H8A9764_HDRI really enjoy shooting landscapes! Earlier in my career I spent most of my time photographing birds. I still REALLY enjoy making images of birds, but I’m glad to have diversified my interests.

These two images were made the same morning in the same spot. The first is looking to the east catching the sunrise over these mountains in Mexico. Thats the Rio Grande River bisecting this scene.

The second image was made about 30 minutes later looking back to the west. Again…Mexico on the left and the United States on the right.

OK…Thats it for me and Big Bend. I’m very glad I took the time to visit this special place…SEF






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Terlingua Texas Ghost Town

_H8A0263-EditOne of the highlights of my recent trip out to the Big Bend was a quick visit to Terlingua. Not only did we get a good meal, there was CELL SERVICE!

_H8A0228-EditThis image on the left is a light-painting of the old church in Terlingua. Its a 30-second time lapse exposure while the church was “painted” with a flashlight.

The Terlingua cemetary at dusk was interesting. This is an old cemetery that has fallen into a state of disrepair.  It was interesting looking at all of the old graves. Almost spooky…


_H8A0222 _H8A0208















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Big Bend National Park

_H8A0284_HDRAs I mentioned in the previous post, I recently spent 4 days in the Big Bend National Park. It’a a LONG way from Rockport! It took us a full day to get out there…and the same coming home.

_H8A9412The Big Bend is HUGE! I knew that before getting in the park, but I didn’t know HOW huge. We stayed at the Chisos Mountains Lodge which is somewhat centrally located. It would take us over an hour each way driving out to our morning and evening shoots.


_H8A8572_HDRI was hoping to catch all of the spring wildflowers and cacti in full bloom. Unfortunately we were about a week or so too early. There was still an intrinsic beauty to this desert that made for some good photography.

I’m glad I FINALLY made it out to the Big Bend. It’s truly a unique part of not only Texas, but of the whole country. Everyone should make time at least once to see this park. I’m not sure I’ll be revisiting Big Bend though. There are so many other wonderfull place in the U.S. that I still need to photograph.


So I’m probably a “one and done” visitor to this special place. I ‘m really glad I invested the time to see the Big Bend National Park…SEF





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The Wake Up Call

(I can’t believe the STUPID way I responded to this situation.  I know better!  Please…if you EVER even think you might be having a cardiac event…get to an emergency room as fast as possible. It might save your life one day…)

_H8A0244I returned to Rockport last Tuesday after spending 5 days in Big Bend National Park. I drove out there with my friend John Martell to participate in a photography tour led by Larry Ditto and Joe Zinn.  It was a great trip, and I feel I made some photographs that could make the portfolio. But…during this trip I experienced a wake up call…an eye opener…an epiphany…and NOT just about my photography.

We didn’t make any images from the pull-outs on the roads on this HUGE park. That was the cache for going with Larry and Joe. These guys knew where to be…and at what time. We did some easy to moderately difficult trail hiking to get to these desired locations. No one in the group was unable to complete these hike-ins, but plenty of us were huffing and puffing along the way!

On the third morning, I thought I was experiencing some TIGHTNESS…not pain…in my chest. I didn’t say anything, but I continued to monitor myself. I spent 25 years in the medical device industry, so I kinda-sorta knew the classical signs of one having a cardiac event. I wasn’t there. However, I did continue to have this tightness in my chest along with some aches in both quadriceps. I didn’t say a word to anyone.

John and I drove back to Rockport on Tuesday. I spent the night at my place there and then drove to Houston early Wednesday morning. It was a long night for me as I was still anxious about what I was experiencing. As soon as I got to the Houston house, I asked my wife…a cardiac nurse…to check my blood pressure. It was off-the charts! I told her I MIGHT be having a cardiac event…and we immediately drove to The Methodist Hospital emergency room. They did a 12-lead ECG on me and everything looked OK. I was not having…and had not had.. a heart attack. The staff drew blood…did chest X-rays …and even did a cardiac CT scan just to make sure. Nothing…

Long story even longer, ER physician called my cardiologist and he wanted wanted me to be admitted to the Cardiac Observation floor overnight for monitoring and more blood draws. Again…nothing! I left The Methodist yesterday mid-day with a LOT of peace-of-mind. My cardiologist did make a minor medication change for the high blood pressure issue.

OK…so here’s the take home message for me. I didn’t have a heart attack…this time! I should have gotten myself to some kind of healthcare professional or emergency room MUCH earlier. I need to REALLY clean up my act. I love my family (1 wife…3 dogs)…and I love my photography. I want to live this wonderful life I have as long as I can.  There are SO many things I can do to and for myself to make sure this happens. No guarantees…just bettering my odds!





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The Old Spoonbill

_MG_0790-EditThis is an elderly Roseate Spoonbill I used to photograph in Rockport, Texas.

He was a frequent visitor to a small pond just off Fulton Beach Road, and would pose for hours. The light was perfect the morning I made this image, and the spoonbill really cooperated for me.

I haven’t seen him in a while, but I’m sure he’ll be back…












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Earth, Wind, & Sky

The-Old-DockI received some very good news yesterday from the nice folks at the Art Center of Corpus Christi

The-FogTwo of my landscapes have been juried into the upcoming Earth, Wind, & Sky exhibition being held from April 2-17, 2014. Art from a wide variety of mediums depicting  landscapes will be on display.

I really enjoy making landscape images! Historically, most of my work has been shooting birds…and I’ll ALWAYS shoot birds. But as an artist, I feel the need to try different things. I find making landscape images much more relaxing than doing wildlife photography. That doesn’t mean I like it better…it’s just different.

Both of these Aransas Bay images were made this year in Rockport, Texas. There are SO many fine artists here in the Coastal Bend, and I’ll be proud to have my art hanging in this exhibit.




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Portrait Project


Crested Caracara

I wrote yesterday about “birds on a stick” images, and how they seem to be looked down on by some photographers.  I understand this…but don’t necessarily believe these type of images are ALWAYS boring to either make or view. I certainly don’t think GOOD portraits are easy to make…

I shoot a lot of birds. Some of these images I sell…and some I just keep in my personal collection. I’ve decided to make a formal portrait of every species I’ve photographed. It’s a good personal project for me. I’ll just take my time and look for the right images…

This Crested Caracara is a good example of what I’m trying to do. It’s a static image, but I think it reflects the unique features of this species…the prominent eye…the beak…and the beautiful feathering.

I certainly don’t feel any pressure to finish this personal project any time soon. I’ll keep looking for appropriate images of different species and see what I can come up with…





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_MG_7968-EditI really don’t understand why B.O.A.S. (birds on a stick) have a negative connotation for some photographers. After all, MOST birds spend a majority of their time on some type of perch.

Even images of static birds..avian portraits…appeal to me. I like seeing birds in their natural environment.  Sure, I’d rather have them doing something REALLY extraordinary. But a B.O.A.S. portrait can capture the very essence of the species.

I just like making images of birds. Sometimes they have action…sometimes they don’t. The good thing is that they always have a story…

I think the interaction between these two Green Jays demonstrate that…SEF











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Rockport Center for the Arts

_H8A6318I’m a member of the Rockport Center for the Arts…and LOVE it! Rockport, Texas is a small town with a BIG art community, and the Rockport Center for the Arts is the hub.

One of the MANY benefits of being a member here is access to the Member’s Gallery. Every month a member may hang one piece of art in the Member’s Gallery for display and sale. Since Rockport is a tourist destination, a LOT of people visit the RCA to see the local art.

This is the image I have in the Member’s Gallery this month. If you’re in town this month, come by the RCA and take a look. Cross your fingers for me…SEF







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Roseate Spoonbills – Take Two


_H8A2150-Edit-Edit-EditThe first time I saw these images as they downloaded into my LightRoom 5 catalog was a disappointment for me! I knew they needed some work, but I just didn’t have the skill-set to make it happen. I’m not saying I’m a MUCH better editor now, but I’m glad I saved these images…

I study the art of editing images ALL the time I can! For me, editing images is ALMOST as important as capturing images. Ansel Adams was the MASTER of editing images. He would spend days and weeks in his darkroom dodging and burning his images before he printed. His editing skills certainly complimented his field work. Both tasks were integral to his art…

_H8A1429-EditI finally decided to take a look at these three Roseate Spoonbill images a few weeks ago. They really needed some work to create these images. I’m not ashamed that I removed some distracting elements from the files. As a matter of fact, I’m going to continue to work on my editing skills as much as possible!

For me, photography is the perfect blend of art and science. I want to use as MUCH science as I need to make the images I want. After all…it’s MY art!








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