East-of-Water-Street, Aransas Bay, Stephen Fisher PhotographyI kept my head down yesterday and got a LOT of work done. I’m ALMOST ready for the 2015 Rockport Art Festival!

Trying…and failing…to be unbiased, I’m proud of the art I’ll be showing. It’s going to be a transitional collection of some new pieces and a few seasoned titles that have been very good to me.

I’ll be trying a couple of new things with my booth layouts. I think it’s going to work out just fine. I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot of friends here in Rockport this weekend.

OK…Back to work!   BOOTH #45





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I’m On This

Stephen Fisher Photography, Landscapes, Water Street, Rockport TX, Aransas BayOK…I got a LOT of work done over the weekend. As a matter of fact…I’m feeling pretty relaxed and confident!

All of my 11×14 matted prints are ready to go. Lots of new titles.  I have reduced the number of photo note cards down to a MUCH more manageable 24 titles. They’re all ready to be placed in the card rack.

I’m kinda sorta getting into making an iPhone photo during my morning walks. First…it’s really nice to have the time now every morning to get a walk in. The good Lord knows I need it! It also gives me some time to think about “life”. While I can’t/won’t print any of these images large on canvas, they have value to me. I can work on composition skills that I can transfer to my DSLR images. It’s also just fun to shoot without a bunch of gear.

Back to work!




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Lots Left To Do

Stephen Fisher Photography, Cow, Cattle Egret, PartnersI have 5 days left to get ready for the 2015 Rockport Art Festival! No problem…For some strange reason I don’t feel stressed out this year!

This is the 4th year in a row I’ve been juried into this prestigious event, and I think I’m finally starting to get “it”. I used to worry about getting the 2 tents set up properly. I’d worry about the weather. I’d worry if I’d sell anything. I’d worry about everything…

Now, I can’t wait for it to get here. It is a LOT for hard work…but it’s fun! I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of friends…old and new. I’m excited to have everyone stop by and see the new direction of my work. What used to make me anxious now makes me excited!

No…This cow and egret won’t be there. But I will be showing a LOT of my art. I’m keeping it pretty simple this year. I’ll have various sizes of gallery wrapped canvas pieces. I’ll also have 11×14 matted prints and photo note cards. That’s it…

My booth is #45…and I’ll be on both sides of the walkway. I hope to see you there next weekend…







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Who Goes…Who Stays

Stephen Fisher Photography, Red Wing Black Bird, Texas Photo RanchThis is the hard part. But without a doubt…the MOST important part!

How do you narrow over 15,000 files down to 100? Very carefully would be one appropriate response. I do a few things to help my chances of picking the RIGHT 100. I show my files to a very small group of people who’s opinion I value. Some are photographers…some aren’t.

I try to have anywhere between 5 to 15 files for each category already selected before I “share” them. I’ve already done most of the culling and really want someone else’s opinion. I have 3-5 of the images that I like the best pre-selected. I don’t bias their opinion by letting them know my picks. Sometimes we agree…sometimes we don’t.

I go through this exercise to MAYBE help my chances of having success in this contest. But my opinion, and the opinion of my small “focus group”, doesn’t really matter. The only opinion that REALLY counts is that of the judges. They pick the winners.






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Is Less Really More

IMG_1230-EditI’m a full-time photographer…and have been for a while. With the exception of my family and my friends, I’ve walked away from most of my other interests to make photographs. It’s a decision I still embrace…

My photography is changing…I’m changing. I’m feeling my heart tugging me to go down another path. I want to make images of the landscapes and seascapes of the Coastal Bend. And I’m going to do it…

I’m seriously considering selling my “wildlife gear” and reconfiguring my kit. I love photographing birds and wildlife, and have done well both selling my avian images and submitting them into competitions. It’s time for me to rebalance…

I was walking this morning and made this image with my iPhone 6. And guess what…I like it! So maybe I’ll be happy “downsizing”.

I’m not going to be making most of my future images with an iPhone…but I could. Lots of really really really good photographers do just that. I’m in line waiting for the Canon 5Ds R body to be released. Files from that body could easily be sized for billboards! Not that I will…but I could.






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It Seems Odd

Stephen Fisher Photography, Texas Photo Ranch, Horses, Trailers, MudIt does seem odd NOT to be driving out to the Texas Photo Ranch every morning. The contest is over, and I’ve moved on to other things…

In 12 days, I have to set up 2 10×10 tents for the 2015 Rockport Art Festival. I’m presently building art as fast as I can to hang there. In spite of the timeline pressure, I enjoy this process. With the exception of printing, I do it all…

It almost closes the creative loop for me. Almost. I like the showing at the Rockport Art festival because of the interaction with the patrons. We get a chance to meet…and talk about my art. I get to hear where they might place my art in their home. I get to wrap the piece and watch them walk away. It’s not mine anymore…it’s their’s. Now the loop is closed…






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2015 Rockport Art Festival

Stephen Fisher Photography, Shrimp Boat, Oyster Boat, Aransas Bay, Rockport TXThe Wildlife In Focus Photography Contest is over. I’m busy trying to pull 100 of the very best photos I can find together to submit by July 10. And I’m also building art as fast as I can…

For the last three years I’ve spent the 4th of July weekend working…and VERY glad to be doing so. The Rockport Art Festival is one of the very best art shows anywhere. This will be the 46th time this prestigious event has played out, and this year’s looks like it’ll be one of the best!

One of the things I like the BEST about the Rockport Art festival is that I get to meet the patrons. I sell my art in galleries, and rarely get to see who buys. At the RAF, I have the opportunity to interact with the patrons. It’s fun to hear them talk about my work…and where it might hang in their home or office!

OK…back to work! I have a lot of canvas to stretch…

(This is “Miss Ashlyn”…a working girl berthed near the Fulton Beach Marina. I just had this printed and will be showing it for the first time at the RAF.)






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Next Chapter

hr3593522-35This has been a real grind! While it’s not only photography related…it’s ALL about photography. (None of these images are mine. Our realtor had a photographer make them for his marketing efforts)

This is our 90+ year old house in the Houston Heights. Sharon has lived here for over 25 years. It sold after being listed for less than 2 weeks. Now it’s empty…and tomorrow hr3593522-5it will belong to someone else! So early tomorrow afternoon I’ll be heading back down to Rockport…for good!

The Wildlife In Focus contest ends today. My portfolio has to be submitted to them by July 10. I still need to select all of my final images by category and prepare them for submission.

hr3593522-34I’m showing at the 2015 Rockport Art Festival over the 4th of July weekend. I’ve been having Ron Brant print canvas pieces for me for a while. I still have a lot of work to do getting them stretched and prepared for display. This is a great show, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of FB friends there.

And after that, I’m going to catch my breath and just take it easy for a bit. I have some thoughts on where I’d like my photography to evolve. I know what I want shoot, and I’m going to jump in and follow my heart.

OK…this whirlwind first half of 2015 is almost over for me. It had been crazy at times. I’m hoping for a smoother road moving forward…



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It’s Over

Stephen Fisher Photography, Texas Photo Ranch, Wildlife In Focus, Jeep WranglerWell…It’s over for me! I think…

I may have made my last photograph in the 2015 Wildlife In Focus Photography Contest. The contest ends on Monday, June 15. I MIGHT be able to shoot on Sunday or Monday, but it’s probably too much of a stretch.

Once again…”life” gets in the way! The Houston house is under contract. Packers are coming tomorrow, and the movers are loading everything and taking it to our storage unit in Houston on Saturday. Tuesday morning is the closing…and then…

I’m happy with some of the images I’ve made…and wish I could have done better in some categories. That’s just the way I feel right now.

More later…





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Getting There

Stephen Fisher Photography, Northern Cardinal, Female, Bird BathJust a couple of more days for me to make some special images…

This is winding down! I’ll be out shooting this morning (Sunday) , Monday, and Tuesday. Then it’s over for me. I have some personal business to handle up in Houston the rest of the week.

Part of me is VERY glad, and part of me (a very SMALL part) wishes I could have more time. The truth of the matter is that it’s time for me to move on.

I’ve got some pretty firm plans to take my photography in a new direction. I’ve always said the the most important part of photography is to shoot for yourself. I’n not doing that right now, and it’s of my own accord. I know I finished the 2013 Wildlife In Focus a MUCH better photographer that I was going in. I’m sure I will be able to say the same after the 2015 WIF shuts down. But it’s time for me to move on…

Maybe I’ll even find the time to FINALLY get my website reworked…







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