The Bunting Blind

Texas Photo Ranch, Resaca I spent Monday of this week with Wade Grassedonio at the Texas Photo Ranch. Yes…He owns this remarkable property. And yes…I get to shoot there as often as I want. But we weren’t there for photography on Monday…

IMG_0815The Texas Photo Ranch is looking great! The rain we’ve been getting has really helped. The resaca is full and holding lots of birds and mammals. The wildflowers are still blooming all over the ranch. It IS looking good again…

IMG_0816About six months ago Wade and I were talking about how labor intensive maintaining all four pit blinds year-round was for us. A decision was made to keep the two morning blinds…The Cactus and the Coon…in tip-top shape. The two evening blinds would continue to be fed daily, but nothing else. It doesn’t take Mother Nature too long to reclaim what’s hers!

IMG_0813We came to the conclusion that we needed at least one afternoon/evening blind back in service. The Bunting Blind had always been a success, so we decided to bring it back to life…

The cattle had torn the hot fence down. The native grasses…that the Buntings LOVE…were waist high inside the blind area. And even the pond had dried up because the water tank had been moved.  It was a mess…

We fixed the fence. We sprayed the fence-line so the grass wouldn’t ground the wires and drain the batteries. We reclaimed the pond and brought back the water tank. It’s looking pretty good again!  Thats Wade using every drop of his Texas A&M education figuring out how to repair the hot fence!

So now the Bunting Blind is ALIVE and providing food…water…and cover for the birds. It’s back on the full maintenance schedule and ready for some action.







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It’s Time…

Stephen Fisher Photography, Rockport Harbor, Rockport TX, Marina, Boats

“The Safe Harbor”

OK…It’s time for me to get back to it!

Other than going out to the Texas Photo Ranch several times lately, I haven’t been doing much shooting. It’s not that I’ve been a SLACKER…I’ve just been busy.

Getting ready for the Rockport Art Festival took a lot of my time. You wouldn’t believe how labor intensive building 5×7 note cards and 11×14 matted prints can be. Add in making the 30+ canvas gallery wraps I took to the show…

So…tomorrow morning I’m heading back out there to find SOMETHING to photograph. Being here in Rockport, I don’t think that’ll be too hard…

This is a VERY early morning shot of the Rockport Harbor Marina that I made several months ago. I’ve never shown this image publicly before now. I like the image a BUNCH, and plan to have it printed BIG on aluminum. It’ll hang proudly in my Rockport home…SEF








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Back To The Future…Again

Stephen Fisher Photography, Key Allegro. Rockport Beach Park, Rockport TXWell…I made it back down here to Rockport yesterday afternoon. Even though I was a day later than I wanted, it feels SO good to be back here…

Our home here looks like a war zone inside. I literally have art EVERYWHERE. My plan for today is to get everything organized, inventoried, and put away. It’s going to be a monumental task, but I’m up for it!

I’m SUPER motivated right now about a LOT of things in my life. I still pinch myself whenever I think about Stephen Fisher Photography. I can’t believe how far this has come in a relatively short period of time. The Rockport Art Festival was a very rewarding experience for me professionally. Financially, it was my best show ever. Maybe even MORE importantly, I received so many FLATTERING comments about the direction my art is leading me. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to do this…

This is an image of Key Allegro taken from the Rockport Beach Park. More later…SEF







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Bronzed Cowbird

Bronzed Cowbird, Stephen Fisher Photography, Texas Photo RanchBronzed Cowbird, Stephen Fisher Photography, Texas Photo RanchThis is an interesting species…in a strange way!

Bronzed Cowbirds…like ALL Cowbirds…are brood parasitic. The female will lay a single egg in the nests of other species. It’s reported that the female will find 10-20 nests to lay her egg. She then abandons the egg for the host species to raise as it’s own. Often this is at the expense of the host bird’s eggs.

These birds also have an elaborate courting behavior. The male Bronzed Cowbird will “puff up” the feathers around his head and hover near the female. He will continue this behavior until the female shows some interest!

These images were made at the Texas Photo Ranch near Refugio, Texas….







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Black Crested Titmice

Black Crested Titmouse, Female, Texas Photo Ranch, Stephen Fisher PhotographyOK…I like these little guys a LOT!

This is a pretty little female I photographed this week at the Texas Photo Ranch. Honestly…I’m not 100% positive on the identification of this bird. I’m calling her a female because her crest isn’t as dark as her male counterpart. I saw them together this day, so I’m FAIRLY confident.

These guys are VERY fast! They like to fly into the scene…grab a seed…and fly back to their cover to eat. They do this same routine over and over. You really need to study the pattern, and get prefocused on the landing spot to get the image.

Titmice are non-migratory, so we get plenty of time here in Texas to practice on these speedsters! Take some time watching their behavior and patterns will help a lot…SEF






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What’s Next?

Northern Cardinal, Molting, Texas Photo Ranch, Stephen Fisher PhotographyThe 2014 Rockport Art Festival was unbelievably good for Stephen Fisher Photography! My new art was well received…I got to see a lot of old friends…met a LOT of new friends…and satisfied EVERY Female Northern Cardinal, Texas Photo Ranch, Molting, Stephen Fisher Photographyone of my goals.

I brought 5 new landscape images to the show and sold 4 of them! I enjoy shooting landscapes here on the Coastal Bend, and plan to do more…a LOT more. My avian images also did well. This was my highest grossing show ever! I have to say I really enjoy having patrons appreciate my art. I feel I work as hard on my art as anyone else, and getting such a positive response is pleasing to say the least.Being juried into the Rockport Art Festival is an honor. Having people buying my art to hang in their homes is still very flattering for me. I’m very grateful…

I’ll be making an announcement about a new gallery association in a few days. I’m still working out the details, so I need to wait a bit. Let me just say I’m excited about this new opportunity…

I made it out to the Texas Photo Ranch yesterday to shoot with Kendall Pruitt and John English from Abilene . It certainly wasn’t the “best day ever” at the ranch, but I really enjoyed the fellowship of these two fine photographers. The Cardinals have started to molt, and this male and female Northern Cardinal  document that. It was good to be out shooting again…SEF






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Back Off…

Northern Shoveler Drake

“Back Off”

These days are flying by! It’s Tuesday….and Friday is set up day for the Rockport Art Festival. And guess what…I’m almost ready!

I’ve finished all of the hanging art I’ll be showing this year. I’ve decided to show almost exclusively images I’ve made in the last year. I do still have a few “classic images” in my exhibit…and ‘Back Off” is one that has made the cut.

I made this image of a Northern Shoveler Drake back in February of 2011. I’ve shown it at every event I’ve attended…and it continues to be good to me!

From a technical perspective, it’s certainly not the best image I’ve ever made. But something in this image keeps me having it printed. This guy had an ATTITUDE…and I think I’ve captured it forever.

If you’re in Rockport this weekend, please stop by the Rockport Art Festival (Booth #46) and see him in person…SEF





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Cormorant, stylized, High Island TXThere’s a LOT to be said for experience!

This is the third year in a row that Stephen Fisher Photography has been juried into the Rockport Art Festival.  The first year I worried about everything. I had DOUBTS about everything. How do I set up my booths? How much art should I bring? Am I priced right? Is my art good enough? And on and on…

Last year was easier than the first. While I was still getting everything together on Thursday night, I still made it.  I was assigned the same booth number…46. I knew exactly the issues I’d have getting set up. I had a LOT more confidence that at least one person would buy some of my art…and they did! I had a GREAT show last year…

This year feels different. I DO have the experience…and I think I’m a MUCH better photographer now. I started getting prepared early…and have been more organized than ever before. I’ve almost finished all of the “hanging art” I’ll be showing. I still need to put the final touches on the 11×14 matted prints and note cards…no big deal. I’ll be ready…

This stylized cormorant image caught my eye this morning before I started writing this blog entry. I think I have a note card version…but thats all. It’s certainly not going to be one of the “stars of the show”. I just like it…







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One Week Left…

Rockport TX, Aransas Bay, Clouds

“Rockport Blues”

We got back late yesterday from an unbelievably fun trip to Las Vegas! I really needed a break from prepping for the Rockport Art Festival. 

I’ll be driving down to Corpus Christi this morning to pick up the last of my canvas prints from Ron Brant. Then it’s on to Rockport for a busy week…

I’m really glad I started early this year. I think I only have four canvas prints left to stretch and frame. I can finish up the 11×14 matted prints and note cards in a day or so. That gives me plenty of time to fine-tune everything…

This is “Rockport Blues”. I’ll be showing it for the first time at the Rockport Art Festival. It’ll be a 16×32 framed canvas print. It’s one of the pieces I’ll be picking up later today, and I’m excited to see it!

Hope to see some of my FB friends in Rockport over the 4th of July weekend!







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Break Time…

Black-bellied Whistling-DuckOK…Maybe I am getting smarter in my old age. I’ve been working VERY hard getting ready for the Rockport Art Festival.  I started early…and now I feel like I can get away for a few days.

I’m going to Las Vegas BABY! My friend Patrick Strain goes to Las Vegas a LOT, and they love him there!  As a matter of fact, they do just about EVERYTHING possible to make sure he has a good time. Sharon and I went there about six months ago with Patrick and his beautiful wife Bonnie. It was unbelievable!

That trip we stayed at the Aria. We had a two-bedroom sky suite….limos everywhere…great meals every night…shows…golf…and even a cabana at the pool! It was luxurious.

This time Patrick has made arrangements for us to stay at the MGM Grand. He’s telling me it will be over-the-top…as if the last trip wasn’t! He and I are going to do some gaming and some golf. This couldn’t be coming at a better time!

So…Sunday afternoon we’ll be flying from Houston to Las Vegas. I’ll get all rested up and come home ready for a BIG show over the 4th of July weekend in Rockport.

Speaking of resting up, this is a Black-bellied Whistling Duck. I caught him catching a nap at the Texas Photo Ranch this week! More later…SEF






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