Wildlife In Focus

_MG_6013I’m taking a day off of the Texas Photo Ranch today. That means I’m going to stay in my home office here in Rockport, TX and try and catch up on the rest of my life…

I have just 30 more days to make it happen. Shooting in this competition has been much more demanding than I originally thought. I’ve been driving the 100+ miles round trip out to the ranch at least 5 days a week for months now. It’s my JOB! At least thats the way it feels…

They’ve changed the name of this photo competition. What used to be the Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Competition is now called  Wildlife in Focus. These folks have done a great job getting this organized. They’ve finally announced the judging panel, and I personally know two of the judges. Not that it matters or will it impact anything in a positive way for me. All of the judging will be double-blinded. I have an identification number that will be part of the file name of every one of the 100 images I plan to submit.

This is a throwaway image…but it has a story. Wade Grassedonio…owner of the Texas Photo Ranch, and a participant in this competition…was telling me he wants to make an image of a Cattle Egret on the back of a cow. I kinda-sorta hurt his feeling when I told him it was PROBABLY the most common Cattle Egret pose known to man! I sent him this image and I don’t think he has forgiven me yet!


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