More Green Jays

_H8A8282-Edit-EditOK…I promise! This is the last Green Jay post I’ll do for a while…

_H8A8233-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditI can’t help myself! I could make Green Jays images all day long. This species has everything  in the world going for them. They are beautiful…they are irreverent…they are vocal…and they seem to be exceptionally intelligent for a bird!

I made these images at the Texas Photo Ranch two days ago in pretty flat light. I really struggled getting any reasonable shutter speed all morning. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting out there MANY times, and this was probably the BEST day ever for overall bird activity!

I hope you enjoy these images…SEF_H8A8214-Edit-Edit












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  1. Wade Grassedonio February 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm #

    We always love having you out there. Great shots!

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