Black Crested Titmice

Black Crested Titmouse, Female, Texas Photo Ranch, Stephen Fisher PhotographyOK…I like these little guys a LOT!

This is a pretty little female I photographed this week at the Texas Photo Ranch. Honestly…I’m not 100% positive on the identification of this bird. I’m calling her a female because her crest isn’t as dark as her male counterpart. I saw them together this day, so I’m FAIRLY confident.

These guys are VERY fast! They like to fly into the scene…grab a seed…and fly back to their cover to eat. They do this same routine over and over. You really need to study the pattern, and get prefocused on the landing spot to get the image.

Titmice are non-migratory, so we get plenty of time here in Texas to practice on these speedsters! Take some time watching their behavior and patterns will help a lot…SEF






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