Starting Over

My life is different now. I feel differently about some things. My priorities have changed...

Hurricane Harvey made a direct hit on Rockport, Texas on Friday, August 25, 2017. I've lived here almost 10 years... and it broke my heart to drive back into Rockport on Monday, August 28. You can't imagine what this town looked like that day... and I want to forget. But I never will!

We went almost three weeks without electricity here where I live. The internet was restored yesterday. Slowly... ever so slowly... it's getting better. People are putting their lives back together. Every day something good happens here to give people hope. A store or restaurant reopens. A huge pile of debris gets hauled off. it's the little victories like these that keep lifting your spirit. 

I just didn't feel like making art for the last month. I wasn't inspired. I tried to direct myself in other areas. Areas much more important than brand or self promotion. Sometimes it's good to realize that you personally are not the center of the universe. Actually... it's ALWAYS good to feel that way!

Everyone deals with a life event of this magnitude differently. For me it provided the opportunity to reassess whats really important in my life. My family... my neighbors and friends... my community... and my God are now MUCH more important to me. I'm not saying that they weren't important before August 25, but it's different now. I'm slowing down and smelling the roses. I'm going to be more thankful for what I have. 

I hope that I will be a better photographer going forward. That would be nice. I love being an artist and bringing joy to others through my art. But more importantly, I want to be a better husband... a better friend... and a MUCH better citizen of this wonderful town. 

This is an image of Water Street in Rockport that I made before the hurricane. Sadly, it doesn't look this way any longer. It'll come back some day... but not today!


Water Street   Rockport, TX