A Fresh Start

Not only do I have a new website, but I'm going to restart my journal afresh. I've decided not to port over my previous Wordpress blog/journal. After all...there wasn't really any potential Pulitzer prize winning content there! 

So I ask myself whats a photographer doing journaling? And I think I have several good reasons for doing this. I write basically for both me and my health. Journaling makes me think and it makes me feel good. I'm all about feeling good..especially mentally! 

I see myself as a creative person. I use my photography skills to tell stories visually. I try to deliver a fine-art product through photography. Journaling is just another creative outlet for me. I get to see things many other never see. This is a way for me to continue the story...to embellish it...and to make it real. 

This new website should make it much more convenient to keep fresh. I promise I'll do my best...SEF