Hard To Harder

I'm not sure which is more difficult. Making the images in the field...or sitting at my computer trying to decide what to include in the contest portfolio. Both are challenging...

I'm not there yet with either of these tasks. Theres still almost 2 more months of shooting in the 2017 Wildlife In Focus photography contest. I'm feeling pretty good about some of the files I've already made. It's premature, but I think that I'll have competitive images in more categories this time. You never know! I'm just going to keep working until June 15 and try to do the very best I can.

This Redhead drake...in my humble opinion...is a beauty. The very first light of a glorious sunrise really has this guy "lit up". I like this image a LOT, but it's just not the quality I feel I need for the contest. Another problem was that his girlfriend was behind him...and out of focus. I had to remove her from the frame...a no-no in this contest. 

I'll keep this image. I might even decide to print it one day. Fortunately, I have literally hundreds of other files in the "Waterfowl" category to chose from for the contest. I will have 3 competitive entries, but as of right now...I don't know which ones to pick.

Redhead Drake    Refugio County, TX