A Great Day

Meet my new best friend. I spent almost an hour yesterday morning with this spectacular Greater Roadrunner... and it was magical!

I observed a pair of roadrunners working the Oil Field Road within a minute of driving onto the River Ranch. They were probably 100 yards ahead of me on this gravel road. I continued slowly towards them for a few minutes... stopped my Jeep... and started to call them. This guy immediately returned my calls and raced towards me. I got out of the Jeep and started shooting.

For the next 45-60 minutes I made over 1000 clicks of this bird. He/she did the things I've always dreamed of in a roadrunner image. Suffice it to say I was able to upgrade my roadrunner category images for the 2017 Wildlife In Focus.

Here's a portrait of my star performer. I'll be so glad when I can show more from this experience!

Greater Roadrunner  Refugio County, TX