What To Do Now?

Of course I'm kidding! While I'm missing going out to the ranch every day... I have PLENTY of things to do here in and around Rockport.

I do have several ongoing commercial projects that I'll be able to dedicate more of my time to now that the Wildlife In Focus contest is over. I'm also spending some of this time reviewing some of the image files I've "collected" over the years. I've decided not to be an image "collector" any longer...

So what does THAT mean? That means I'm seriously culling out files I know I'll never use... want... or need EVER again. Most of them just live on external hard drives and take up storage space. This process also allows me to really get all of my "keepers" named properly and organized in places where I can immediately get to them. 

I'm also finding seasoned files that I'd like to try and reprocess. I LOVE editing photos. It's one of the things I like the best. As my editing skills have improved over the years, I find I can go back and put some new life in these old images.

This is an image of Cove Harbor Marina taken from the boardwalk. I gave it some love this morning and feel pleased with this new version. And yes... I culled a lot of similar files this morning!

Cove Harbor Marina  Aransas County, TX