Old Dog... New Trick?

Yes... You CAN teach an old dog a new trick! And this image is a good example.

I made the original version of this file over 5 years ago. Even though my editing skills were pretty basic at that time, I managed to sell "Enchanted Oaks" many times. Maybe my patrons were just being kind!

I took another look at this file several days ago and decided to completely reprocess it. The original had a bluish tint that I thought looked good. I color balanced and reset the white balance of the image and it looked much better.

There were also some distracting elements in the original that I just didn't have the expertise to remove. There's a chain linked fence in the trees that I didn't like. Now that I regularly use Photoshop in my workflow getting the fencing out of the frame was a snap. 

I like the newer iteration of "Enchanted Oaks" a lot better than the original. It was rewarding to take this old file and put some new life into it.


"Enchanted Oaks"  Rockport, TX