Catching Up...

It's been a while since I've posted here in my journal. A lot has been going on... and most of it is good!

I just spent a week down in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas photographing birds. Alan Murphy is arguably one of the best avian photographers in the world. I've always drooled over his work and have had attending one of his workshops on my bucket list for years. It was everything I expected... and more!

I think attending a workshop is good for photographers of all levels. These workshop leaders have been going to these places for years. They know the right times and the right places to get you on whatever subject matter you want. My workshop was all about birds... and we saw plenty.

I made over 15,000 clicks during this workshop. After being home for a couple of weeks, I've paired this down to about 2,500 files. I was concentrating on shooting birds in flight and bird interactions. I wasn't disappointed. I'll be shocked if I don't find at least 100 portfolio quality images.

This workshop was limited to 5 participants. I really enjoyed shooting with these guys. All were seasoned shooters who lived, breathed, and dreamed about birds for 5 days. It was a great experience for me and I plan to do another workshop soon. 

This image is a pair of Red-wing Blackbirds interacting. It was the first file I fully processed, and I wanted to share it with you today. I like it... but I have many more that I feel are much better.


Red-Wing Blackbirds  Hidalgo County, TX