Both of my "lives" have been crazy lately... crazy good!

It feels good to sit here and start to journal this morning. Looking over at my postings, I see I haven't done this since February 16... over a month. I've missed this! It's therapy time for me...

I did go ahead and buy into the Studio C Gallery. Studio C is a nice private art gallery located inside of the Art Center of Corpus Christi. I have 4 nice partners and I seem to be enjoying this experience. I have to work in the gallery 1 day a week... and in exchange I get some nice wall space to show my art. This will be a good deal for me.

I offered an Introduction to Digital Photography course in February at the Rockport Center For The Arts. We had about 12 great students who were enthusiastically interested in improving their photography. I plan on doing a course there monthly or at least bi-monthly. 

Last week I participated as a Guide in the first annual Brush Country Photo Safari in Beeville, TX. I did several landscape "safaris" in the field and gave a presentation on Landscape Photography. We had a big turnout, and I think all of the attendees had fun. I believe this program has the opportunity to grow into a well-attended annual event. 

My "non-photography" life is also moving forward. We're making progress on repairing all of the effects Hurricane Harvey bestowed on our properties here in Rockport. It's amazing how those "small victories" can add up. Slowly but surely we are getting our lives back in order. 

This Northern Mockingbird and Great Kiskadee "scrapping" image resulted from an Alan Murphy workshop I attended down in the Rio Grande Valley. I had wanted to shoot with Alan for years, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

More later...

Angry Birds #7  Hildago County, TX