Still At It!

Things are getting better and better here every day... in EVERY way! I just need to get back out there shooting...

Honestly... I just haven't felt very creative or motivated lately. Sure, we've had lots of rain here in Rockport. We needed it so bad that I can't even complain about it. But... thats just another one of many excuses! I'm not the guy who makes images just to make images. I want to make art! And to do that, I need to feel creative. 

It's coming back! I can feel it. I'm thinking about images I want to make, and even more important, how to make them. I wish I could just posh a button or flip a switch. It's not that easy for me. 

Give me a week and lets see what happens...

( I made this image several years ago here in Rockport on Water Street. I used to go there and shoot 3 or 4 times a week. It was beautiful then, and I'm sure it's just as beautiful today. I'll go there this week for sure...)


"Water Street #3   Rockport, TX