July 4, 2018

OK... so today is the 4th of July 2018! So why am I posting this image I made LAST year on the 4th of July. I mean a fireworks display isn't really time sensitive. Fireworks are fireworks. Most fireworks displays are pretty much the same. A rather slow start and then gradually building to the "grand finale"! See one... seen them all.

Please don't get me wrong. I enjoy a rousing 4th of July fireworks display as much as anyone. And I will be out there this evening probably making photographs. But nothing I shoot tonight can match the photo below.

Like I said, I made this photo last year. How can you tell? Sadly... it's easy. In the lower right corner of this image you can see the Rockport Beach Park bandstand.  it was a painted semi-circle structure with a Great Blue Heron wading in the bay and emblazoned with ROCKPORT TEXAS! You had to drive by it as you made your way down the park. It was an iconic piece of this town.

It's gone! One of many victims of Hurricane Harvey. I miss seeing the old bandstand. By tonight the fireworks display will light up Little Bay one more time. It'll be a classic fireworks display. But... there won't be any images of the bandstand this year...

The Fourth of July 2017