Here We Go Again...

Yesterday was Day 1 for the 2019 Wildlife In Focus photography contest. I parked my Jeep at the gate and took a few minutes to reflect on what the next 5 months MIGHT have in store for me. The decision to compete again this year was an on and off situation... for a lot of reasons. I'm glad that I was there at the gate and ready to go.

After making the photo below with my iPhone 8 Plus, I entered the code and the gate swung open. I spent the next 4 hours just driving around. The weather was just horrible… drizzle, cold, windy, and no light. All I could do is just scout out different locations on the ranch for some of the various categories I need to photograph. I left a little after noon and drove back home.

I was going to say that “tomorrow is another day”, but this IS tomorrow… and it’s raining again. Well… tomorrow is another day!

Johnson Ranch Entrance Aransas County TX